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Benefits of SNOMED CT

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When SNOMED CT is used in clinical software, everyone benefits: healthcare providers, patients, software vendors – in fact, the whole world.

Benefits for healthcare providers

SNOMED CT benefits healthcare providers by enabling them to:

  • improve patient outcomes by knowing more about their patients’ health and care options
  • work more closely with their patient for critical care decisions
  • provide the best care possible with the wider care team
  • measure the quality and cost of care
  • design treatment guidelines that work
  • spot emerging health trends and issues
  • reduce costly duplications of testing and treatment.

Importantly, it enables healthcare providers to collect data once and reuse it for a diverse range of clinical, management and research purposes.

In action

By introducing a clinical information system that used SNOMED CT, the University of California (SF) Medical Centre reduced the emergency department triage time by 53%. This also lead to 17% more high acuity patients being seen within recommended timeframes, with no impact on quality.

Benefits for patients

SNOMED CT benefits patients by:

  • improving the quality of care they receive
  • ensuring clinical data recorded during consultations has a consistent meaning
  • allowing them to control their health information and know about their health and care options
  • enabling key information to be accessed by everyone involved in a patient’s care journey
  • enabling them to work with their care providers so they can receive the best care available.

In action

Patients at Barts Health NHS Trust in London, England, a SNOMED CT-enabled health organisation, were able to enrol in a COVID 19 clinical trial within one hour of having tested positive for the virus.

Benefits for software vendors

SNOMED CT benefits software vendors by:

  • allowing them to sell their product using a global standard that is used in over 80 countries
  • allowing them to easily expand their functionality to cover other clinical domains
  • opening up new markets for their software products.

In action

Over 70% of the inpatient and outpatient clinical systems products in Europe and North America use SNOMED CT. See who’s using SNOMED CT in Australia.

In action

A vendor launched new SNOMED CT-enabled electronic medical record software for primary care and captured 20% of the market within 3 years.

Benefits for the whole world

SNOMED CT enables healthcare information to be exchanged globally for the benefit of all. Clinicians can record patient data more accurately, exchanging it within the healthcare team and with patients, locally and across borders, to improve patient outcomes. Read more about SNOMED’s benefits.

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