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National Syndication Server

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Access our National Syndication Server to automate downloads of terminology files. This will streamline update and maintenance processes.

The National Syndication Server (NSS) is the primary source of national terminology content. It exposes a programmatic Syndication Interface at . This enables automation of content downloads.Clients may syndicate a catalogue of items from the NCTS, which includes:

  • SNOMED CT RF2 bundles, to assist clients automate receiving SNOMED CT terminology releases
  • prebuilt SNOMED CT Ontoserver binary indexes, to update local Ontoserver instances

The Syndication Interface is based on the Atom Publishing Protocol and Atom Syndication Format specifications. Details of the server, Syndication API and Syndication Feed are available in the NCTS specifications.

Technical guidance for the National Syndication Server

NCTS Guide for Implementers

NCTS Specifications

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