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Terminology as a service

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NCTS: simplifying the adoption and use of terminologies

Terminology as a service

Delegate terminology operations to the National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS).

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National Terminology Server

The National Terminology Server (NTS) hosts the national terminology content.

National Syndication Server

Access our National Syndication Server (NSS) to automate downloads of terminology files.

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Next-gen FHIR terminology server developed by the Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO.

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Tools for browsing and authoring

User-friendly tools make it easy to search, visualise and explore terminologies.

Common tasks

Find out more about common tasks when integrating with the NCTS.

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NCTS Specifications

Describes terminology resources and the interfaces as part of the NCTS national infrastructure.

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Contact and support

Contact the NCTS for more information.

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NCTS FHIR terminology resources

The FHIR specification supports the structure of terminologies as ‘resources’.


Authenticate to the NCTS, query and manipulate terminology resources, and syndicate files.