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National Terminology Server

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Access the National Terminology Server via APIs in design time to explore our FHIR terminology resources.

The National Terminology Server (NTS) hosts the national terminology content. The NTS FHIR endpoint enables software to:

  • interrogate SNOMED CT-AU via the FHIR API and extract data for packaging with software
  • access other FHIR terminology resources that represent allowable values in clinical document specifications
  • support browsing and authoring tools

Access the content of the NTS via an Integration Interface that exposes a FHIR standard endpoint at

The Capability Statement describes the capabilities that the NTS has been configured to support. This is available at

The NTS is a single national instance and does not permit write operations. It is also not suited to runtime integration for availability and performance reasons. To support content development and write operations to a terminology server, deploy a local Ontoserver® instance. Ontoserver supports runtime integration of FHIR and many deployment scenarios. It can also streamline content updates via the National Syndication Server.

Technical guidance for the National Terminology Server

NCTS Guide for Implementers

NCTS Specifications

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