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SNOMED CT-AU: The global language of healthcare

What is clinical terminology?

What it is, why it’s important and who’s impacted by it.

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What is SNOMED and the AMT?

Used in over 90 countries, SNOMED CT has been accepted as a common global language for health care in software.

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SNOMED CT is used to record clinical data, share data between systems, conduct analytics and for research.

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The whole world will benefit from increased use of SNOMED CT.

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The big picture: SNOMED CT and other code sets

SNOMED CT is often implemented with other health code sets.

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AMT: focusing on medicines

AMT identifies and describes all Australian medicines in a standardised format.

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Who’s using SNOMED CT-AU and AMT

See which software vendors and sectors are using it.

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Search and browse terms

Search and browse over 500,000 clinical terms in SNOMED CT-AU using a browser developed by the CSIRO.

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Implementation: what’s involved

There are 5 phases involved in implementing SNOMED CT-AU. Phase 1 is understanding the business drivers.

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Other terminologies and third party content

We provide access to LOINC, RCPA SPIA, third party reference sets and over 50 other code systems through Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).


We have many guides to help you understand and use SNOMED CT-AU and other clinical terminology products.