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SNOMED CT-AU is the Australian extension to SNOMED CT. It includes core international data, the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT), and reference sets.

Download or browse SNOMED CT-AU

Download release bundles

Download the latest SNOMED CT-AU monthly releases in their native RF2 distribution format.

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Search reference sets

Freely browse or search the latest SNOMED CT-AU reference sets to explore content.

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Browse FHIR terminology resources

Freely browse or search NCTS FHIR Code Systems, Value Sets and Concept Maps and their metadata.

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Download custom reports

Download miscellaneous artefacts that may be relevant to your implementation and integration with NCTS products.

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Search via the Shrimp browser

Freely browse and search SNOMED CT-AU using a browser developed by the CSIRO.

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Request content

Request additions or changes to our content.

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File types and subsets

We publish many formats to support a broad range of users.

Technical approaches

Software developers can choose the most suitable approach for their implementation.