National Syndication Server

The National Syndication Server (NSS) is the primary source of national terminology content. It exposes a programmatic Syndication Interface at which enables content downloads to be automated. Both RF2 release bundles and prebuilt Ontoserver binary indexes are available in the feed.

The Syndication Interface is based on the Atom Publishing Protocol and Atom Syndication Format specifications. The NCTS Conformant Server Applications specification’s Syndication Feed section describes the elements in the feed.

Details of the Syndication Interface can be found in the NCTS Conformant Server Applications specification’s Syndication API section.

The NSS is further described in the NCTS National Services specification’s National Syndication Server section.

To help developers get started, we have provided:

  • An open source Java and .NET syndication client implementation which works against the National Syndication Server. This client provides a:
    • Command line client.
    • Maven plugin.
    • Java library.
  • Example REST requests in a Postman collection. These are intended to demonstrate how to integrate with the NCTS, including:
    • Requesting an access bearer token.
    • Querying the integration API.
    • Fetching the syndication feed.

To use these examples, download the collection and environment variables. Import these files into the Postman application and select the “NCTS-R4” environment (latest FHIR version), or NCTS-STU3 environment (previous FHIR version). Before running the examples, please ensure you have created a set of client credentials (within the Clients section located towards the top right of this page) and then set the following variables in the “NCTS-R4” or “NCTS-STU3” Postman environment:

  • auth.client_id: NCTS client credential Client ID
  • auth.client_secret: NCTS client credential Client Secret

For more information on client credential authentication, go to the API Security section of the NTS specification.

/library/NCTS_Postman_Collection.jsonNCTS Postman Collection
/library/NCTS-R4.postman_environment.jsonNCTS Postman Environment (R4)
/library/NCTS-STU3.postman_environment.jsonNCTS Postman Environment (STU3)

The National Syndication Server contains content from LOINC ( LOINC is copyright 1995-2020, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) Committee and is available at no cost under the license at LOINC® is a registered United States trademark of Regenstrief Institute, Inc.