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This is where you will find information on the latest updates to the National Clinical Terminology Service products and resources. The details of any changes are included in the relevant release note.

/library/DH_3391_2020_ClinicalTerminology_SNOMEDCT-AU_ReleaseNote_v20201231.pdfSNOMED CT-AU Release Note 31 December 2020
/library/DH_3392_2020_NCTS_DocumentLibraryReleaseNote_v2.25.pdfNCTS Document Library Release Note v2.25
/library/DH_3319_2020_RCPA_PathologyTerminologyandInformationModels_ReleaseNote_v1.4.pdfRCPA Pathology Terminology and Information Models Release Note v1.4

Black Triangle Scheme reference set

This newly release reference set supports the identification of AMT Trade Product Unit of Use (TPUU) and Containered Trade Product Pack (CTPP) concepts that are associated with medicines where reporting adverse events are encouraged under the Black Triangle Scheme run by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This reference set can be used by prescribing and dispensing software vendors to identify medications where reporting of adverse events is encouraged under the Black Triangle Scheme. Further details be found in the SNOMED CT-AU Development Approach for Reference Sets v3.4.

List of Medicines for Brand Consideration reference set

This reference set has been updated to include additional medicines as notified by the Australian Government Department of Health. This reference set enables software vendors to identify AMT Medicinal Product Unit of Use (MPUU) and Medicinal Product Pack (MPP) concepts associated with the List of Medicines for Brand Consideration (LMBC).

COVID-19 concepts

The following list contains all COVID-19 specific concepts that are currently available in the SNOMED CT-AU release. They are displayed below as concept ID |Preferred Term| and grouped according to their SNOMED CT concept hierarchy. You can view any additional synonyms to these concepts in the Shrimp Terminology Browser. If you have suggestions for new concepts or synonyms, please complete our online request form (preferred) or send your content request to

Clinical finding

840539006 |COVID-19|
1454671000168104 |Recent travel to high risk COVID-19 region|
1465981000168100 |Bilateral interstitial pneumonia| added May 2020
1466021000168105 |Concern about exposure to COVID-19| added May 2020
1466151000168103 |More than two diffuse B-lines on ultrasound of lung| added May 2020


840544004 |Suspected COVID-19|


840546002 |Exposure to COVID-19|


840533007 |SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)|


840534001 |COVID-19 vaccination|
1454651000168108 |COVID-19 serology|
1454581000168100 |Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid COVID-19 nucleic acid assay|
1454561000168109 |Sputum COVID-19 nucleic acid assay|
1454491000168101 |Oropharyngeal swab COVID-19 nucleic acid assay|
1454411000168105 |Nasopharyngeal swab COVID-19 nucleic acid assay|
1454401000168107 |Home isolation|
1462681000168102 |Rapid COVID-19 antibody detection test|
1462701000168104 |COVID-19 IgM measurement|
1462741000168102 |COVID-19 IgG measurement|
1466171000168107 |ARDSNet Mechanical Ventilation Protocol| added May 2020
1466161000168101 |Permissive hypercapnia ventilation| added May 2020
1466191000168108 |Pleural fluid COVID-19 nucleic acid assay| added May 2020
1466181000168105 |Saliva COVID-19 nucleic acid assay| added May 2020
1480481000168103 | COVID-19 viral culture | added July 2020


1454661000168105 |COVID-19 Clinic and Testing Centre|


840536004 |Antigen of SARS-CoV-2|
840535000 |Antibody to SARS-CoV-2|

Containered Trade Product Pack (Australian Medicines Terminology)

1480881000168101 | Veklury 100 mg powder for injection, 1 vial | added July 2020
1480791000168108 | Veklury 100 mg/20 mL injection, 20 mL vial | added July 2020

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