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News and events / SNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 release note

SNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 release note

Release summary: SNOMED CT-AU v20231231

Clinical terminology v20231231

This release is maintained against the July 2023 SNOMED CT International Edition.

Identifying the version of this release of SNOMED CT-AU

When using codes from this release (for example, in clinical documents, maps, or terminology servers) the following string should be used to identify the version of this release:


This release contains the following content, accessible from the NCTS website:

StatusName and version
NewSNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 (RF2 FULL)
NewSNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 (RF2 SNAPSHOT)
New SNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 (RF2 DELTA)
NewSNOMED CT-AU 31 December 2023 (RF2 ALL)
NewSNOMED CT-AU Release Note 31 December 2023 (this document)
NewAMT CSV 20231231
NewFHIR Value Sets v20231231
NewTSV format reference sets v20231231
NewSNOMED CT-AU Change Reports CSV v20231231

Note: if there are no changes for the month only the header row will appear in the file.

Change summary

This section summarises the changes in this release and provides notice about planned future work. Changes made to resolve data issues will be listed if the potential impact on systems or patient care exceeds a threshold determined by an internal risk matrix assessment.

For more information about any of these changes, please contact


SNOMED CT‑AU Requested content Request submissions for new concepts and descriptions have been added in this release from NSW Digital Baby Book and HealthDirect.
AMTRequested contentIn addition to the modelling of new products, based on the 1 January 2024 PBS and RPBS schedule, a number of other products have been modelled in this release.
AMTIHINAs part of the IHIN reform in 2016, minor ingredient name changes were implemented by TGA. Maintenance of AMT substances requiring these minor changes was completed in 2016 to align with names used internationally. Please refer to the TGA website – Updating medicine ingredient names – the overview.
The transition period ended on 30 April 2020. Synonyms capturing the outdated ingredient names are no longer being produced as part of the NCTS.
Please note, dual labelled medicine changes scheduled for 2025 will be managed accordingly.

Future changes

SNOMED CT‑AUEDRSWith the release of the new Australian emergency department reference set as of January 2019, there are plans to deprecate the original Emergency Department Reference (EDRS) set in a forthcoming release. Current users of the EDRS will be consulted prior to confirming the deprecation date.

Upcoming releases

The upcoming release schedule will be as follows:

  • Thursday 25 January 2024
  • Monday 26 February 2024
  • Wednesday 27 March 2024