SNOMED CT-AU in Australia

SNOMED CT-AU and the AMT have been successfully implemented and deployed in a variety of sites and clinical applications including:

  • Public and private hospitals within NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia;
  • Department of Health Pharmaceutical Benefits Division;
  • Primary care (GP) and specialist desktop software;
  • Hospital and community pharmacy software;
  • Medicines database systems (e.g. MIMS);
  • Medication adherence packaging systems;
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons;
  • Research, secondary use, and analytics; and
  • Allied health systems.

To see where SNOMED CT is being used around the world please visit To see where SNOMED CT-AU or AMT is being used in Australia, please download the infographic below.

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SNOMED CT-AU and AMT Adoption Infographic
/library/DH_2671_2018_SNOMEDCT-AU_and_AMT_Adoption_Infographic_v1.0.pdfDownload infographicThis document provides a snapshot view of the current terminology-enabled systems, and those in progress around Australia. Adoption types include SNOMED CT-AU, AMT, both SNOMED CT-AU and AMT, and research, reporting or analytics.

Australian Medicines Terminology Benefits Analysis 2014-2015
/library/DH_2415_2016_AMT_BenefitsAnalysis20142015_v1.1.pdfDownload full reportRecent deployment of AMT as a component of Electronic Medications Management (eMM) systems at hospitals in Victoria, Tasmania and at Sydney Adventist Hospital has resulted in a number of benefits.

Using the Problem Diagnosis Reference Set in a Secondary Data Use Scenario
/library/NEHTA_2318_2015_ClinicalTerminology_UsingtheProblemDiagnosisReferenceSetinaSecondaryDataUseScenario_v1.0.pdfUsing the Problem Diagnosis Reference Set in a Secondary Data Use ScenarioThis document, authored by the CSIRO, focuses on techniques to utilise the SNOMED CT-AU problem diagnosis reference set for statistical uses without relying on mapping. This is a proof-of-concept investigation. Access to the cited annotated reference sets can be requested through

The Morbidity Audit and Logbook Tool

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has enhanced an existing system to use SNOMED CT-AU to record surgical procedures, non-operative management and diagnoses. The Morbidity Audit and Logbook Tool (MALT) is a system that provides surgeons with a personal case log, self-audit tool and a peer reviewed audit tool. The College has collaborated with the CSIRO Australian eHealth Research Centre to implement SNOMED CT-AU; this work includes development of a Surgical Procedure Reference Set. For more information please see

Namespace Identifier Registry

The Namespace Identifier Registry is a repository for the publication of SNOMED CT Namespace Identifiers issued to Licensees. The issuing of Namespace Identifiers enables users to create or extend the terminology in accordance with applicable standards and licensing conditions.

The registry displays which organisations or individuals hold a Namespace and the associated Namespace Identifier.

To request the creation of a SNOMED CT Namespace Identifier, please email the Help Centre, and request a copy of the SNOMED International Namespace Application form and policy.