Australian Medicines Terminology

The Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) is the national terminology that delivers unique codes to unambiguously identify originator and generic brands of medicines commonly used in Australia. It also provides standard naming conventions and terminology to accurately describe medications.

The AMT covers all commonly used medicines in Australia, and was developed to be implemented in clinical information systems to support electronic medication management, including the following activities:

  • Prescribe;
  • Record;
  • Review;
  • Issue including dispense;
  • Administer; and
  • Transfer of information.

The AMT (a formal subset of SNOMED CT-AU), is updated every month to include changes and additions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). It can be downloaded for free by registered license holders.

Learn More About the AMT

/library/DH_2407_2016_AMT_FactSheet_v2.1.pdfAMT Fact SheetA brief, easy-to-read handout.
/library/DH_2799_2018_Introduction_to_AMT_Presentation_v1.2.pdfIntroduction to the AMTThis presentation accompanies the “Introduction to AMT webinar”. Topics include an overview of the AMT, its structure and coverage, purpose, use cases and more. 

Download the presentation and read it alongside the recorded webinar.
/library/DH_2542_2017_AMT_Concept_Model_and_Business_Use_Cases_v2.1.pdfAMT Concept Model and Business Use CasesExplains what the AMT is, why it exists, which components can be used to achieve certain use cases, and the scope and limitations.
/library/DH_3241_2020_Searching_SNOMEDCT-AU_using_Shrimp_v1.1.pdfSearching SNOMED CT-AU using the Shrimp browserDemonstrates a popular terminology browser and how to search for SNOMED CT-AU content, including the AMT.
/introduction-to-help/frequently-asked-questions/amt-faqs/FAQsFrequently asked questions about the AMT.