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Questions and answers about the National Clinical Terminology Service.

Why has the NCTS been developed?

There are many implementers of digital health solutions. Hospitals, primary care, specialists, community pharmacies, pathology providers, software vendors, research institutions and government agencies face similar challenges when adopting standards such as SNOMED CT and the AMT.

The vision of the NCTS is to simplify the adoption and meaningful use of clinical terminologies. We provide the tools and guidance to help with national and local use. This will improve the delivery of healthcare in Australia.

How do I keep updated with the latest from the NCTS?

Refer to Updates and News on the Home page.

How do I get help with my implementation?

We publish many resources to guide users about the NCTS terminology products and services. Understanding clinical terminology describes the use cases and benefits of SNOMED CT. Implementing in software is a great start for software developers to explore the technical approaches. We also have tailored support services for our users to implement these solutions. Our team can provide specific technical support for your deployment. You can request help using the online Support Request form.

How do I submit feedback?

Your experiences in using the NCTS terminology products and services are important to us. We want to ensure that our ongoing development meets the needs of the Australian healthcare community. You can submit feedback using the online Support Request form.

Does Australia have any representation within the SNOMED International’s governance arrangements?

Australia has representation on the General Assembly, Member Forum and many of its Advisory and Working Groups.

I would like to work for the NCTS.

For information about job opportunities and how to apply, please visit the Agency ‘Careers‘.

I have a media enquiry.

For all media enquiries: Email: or Phone: (02) 8298 2669