This section provides links to miscellaneous artefacts that may be relevant to your implementation and integration with NCTS products.

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Australian Medicines Terminology, CSV

This Comma Separated Values (CSV) file contains columns for SNOMED CT identifiers and the preferred terms of all 7 notable concept classes in AMT, and rows for every active product in AMT.

The file is being released to assist some specific development activities. It will only be provided for a limited period and any use of it is contingent on the licensee acknowledging that it may be withdrawn with only 90 days’ notice.

Any licensee needing to use this file should first contact the NCTS at help@digitalhealth.gov.au for further information.

Important: If you have configured Microsoft Excel to automatically open CSV files, it will assume the field type to be General and the identifiers and some text may be displayed incorrectly resulting in ID digit errors and strange characters for words with accents (e.g. Ménière’s Diseases). To avoid this, users should first open Excel, and import the file (not simply open) from within to have the opportunity to change the settings. The settings should specify that the file be tab delimited, with the file origin of ‘unicode (UTF-8)’ and the ID column is set to Text (not General).

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