Terminology Servers

A terminology server contains and provides access to clinical terminology. The main purpose of a clinical terminology server is to allow the consistent and comparable entry of clinical data, e.g. patient observations, findings and events. By delegating terminology operations to an external service, software developers and data analysts can make use of state of the art implementations and avoid grappling with implementation detail and complexity.


Ontoserver® is a terminology server that supports multiple versions and formats of SNOMED CT (and extensions), as well as the ability to host other classifications, reference sets, mappings, and so on. Features include:

  • fast, incremental search, and context-specific result ordering;
  • filtering and re-ranking of search results;
  • simplified recording of codes for diagnosis, procedure, and medication;
  • RESTful API; and
  • generation of intensional reference sets and data analytics.

Ontoserver can syndicate with the National Syndication Service so that the latest versions of SNOMED CT-AU and other content are always readily available. It can also provide its own syndication feed for other Ontoserver instances to consume.

The National Terminology Server is our deployment of Ontoserver, hosting national terminology content.

Ontoserver is available for free for use by registered license holders in Australia. Contact help@digitalhealth.gov.au for further details.