Terminology Browsers

There are a number of third-party browsers in a variety of formats available internationally to enable searching of hierarchical terminologies. These tools are available in a variety of formats including public online browsers and downloadable applications for PCs and mobile devices.

In determining which browser is most fit for your purpose, you need to consider the following:

  • Do I need to search more than one terminology or extension?
  • What are the searching and browsing capabilities of the tool?
  • Can I access the current release (as well as earlier releases if required)?
  • Does it display the version of release being viewed?
  • How quickly is the data updated following a release?

All tools providing access to international or national terminologies should display information about the version of the release and any extensions included. They should also ensure that it is possible to access the current release. The NCTS is not able to monitor all available products to ensure conformance with this advice. Therefore, users should be aware that the version of a terminology release shown by a particular browser may be out of date and may not include relevant national or local extensions.

Use of publicly available software and tools that include or provide access to SNOMED CT are subject to the terms of the SNOMED CT Affiliate License Agreement and is governed by the conditions of the sub-license issued by the provider of the software.

A list of terminology browsers for viewing SNOMED CT content can be found on the SNOMED International website https://confluence.snomedtools.org/display/DOC/SNOMED+CT+Browsers


Shrimp * is a free, online browser developed by the CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre (AEHRC), for hierarchical terminologies. It is backed by Ontoserver ® and is recommended by the NCTS. Users are able to search content or browse the hierarchies of the following terminologies:

  • SNOMED CT-AU (incorporating the AMT); and
  • LOINC.

To search both SNOMED CT-AU and AMT select the latest (or earlier) version of SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian Extension in the dropdown menu.

Shrimp is available at the following site: https://ontoserver.csiro.au/shrimp/

/library/DH_3241_2020_Searching_SNOMEDCT-AU_using_Shrimp_v1.1.pdfSearching SNOMED CT-AU using the Shrimp browserDemonstrates a popular terminology browser and how to search for SNOMED CT-AU content, including the AMT.